Dear Friend,

The type of recovery found at the 46th Street Clubhouse is nothing short of life saving.  We host 63 recovery meetings a week. It is a sober and safe haven, a way to make sober friends. We have food, snacks, drinks and a friendly lounge.

The glue that keeps our lives together as recovering alcoholics and addicts is our attendance at home group meetings and our supportive social network, at center of which, for many of us, is the Clubhouse.

If the 46th Street Clubhouse has benefited you or someone you love, won't you please open your heart and your wallet to help us keep our doors open. Monthly and annual memberships are available. One-time donations are also appreciated. 

$20 MONTHLY --  one free cup of coffee with each visit
$50 MONTHLY -- two free cups of coffee with each visit

$100 ANNUAL -- one free cup of coffee with each visit and one free AA Mug
$1,000 ANNUAL -- two free cups of coffee with each visit, one free AA Mug and one reprint of the first edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous